Rebranding Thoughts

Loganotes turns six years old this month. Looking back on my blogging years, it’s quite evident how my writing has evolved and matured. Timehop reminds me of posts made on a certain day in previous years. My greatest memories throughout college, bachelor life, and the early stages of marriage/parenthood have been chronicled on Loganotes. Looking back also brings to mind new ideas to make this site even better.

I’ve toyed with the idea of rebranding this site for quite a while. The posts will remain constant with you weekly doses of Sunday Song, Win & Losses, and the newest series, Friday Poll. However, the title, tagline, and theme need some updating. I’ve done some searching on other blogs to try and come up with a creative title, yet thinking session leaves me more puzzled than before.

It’s at this point that I welcome all sorts of ideas for new names and taglines for the site. You may leave your ideas in the WordPress comments or in the social media comments. Seriously…all ideas are welcome. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say!


Wins & Losses (August 20-26)


  • Most of the weekend was spent in Nashville for JWPepper’s “Sacred Sounds” event at Nashville FBC. This was a choral reading session hosted by Pepper and led by Mary McDonald and Mark Cabaniss. Becca and I are HUGE fans of Mary McDonald, so this was a real treat for me to meet her and get a peek inside her head (unfortunately, Becca did not get to come). We sang lots of great music for about 4 hours, and I ended the day at Chipotle with my college friend, Adam Stanford, who also made the trip.
  • The school day at Southaven High School on the day of the Great American Eclipse was rather enjoyable. Our school had about a third the number of students we normally have, so each class was EXTREMELY low-key. My classroom had a continuous livestream going of the total eclipse in Charleston, SC while a few of us teachers peeked outside every once in a while to see it from Southaven, MS. The eclipse was a bit disappointing in our area of the world, but it was still a neat experience.
  • Our precious little girl turned SIX MONTHS OLD last week. We’ve handled it between expressions of “She’s already six months old?!” and “You mean to tell me she’s ONLY six months old?” She’s rolling all over the place and wants to crawl so bad, but just hasn’t quite figured out the mechanics of it yet. But when it happens, I highly doubt we’ll be totally prepared for it.


  • Busy dreams over the last 4 nights have kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. Dreams of all sorts have flooded my mind while sleeping, leaving me groggy and not well-rested in the mornings (usually 45 minutes before I planned on getting up). I’m not exactly sure what has caused them to continue like they have. Let’s hope this Monday evening begins a new trend in my sleeping habits.

Sunday Song 8.27.17

When Chris Tomlin recorded his hit “How Can I Keep from Singing” back in 2006, churches everywhere immediately snagged it and incorporated it into their worship services. In the 11 years since then, it still finds its way into American churches, though some have taken it out of their catalog. Here at Leawood East, it’s still a well-loved song.

What many people don’t know is that Chris Tomlin was inspired by an early American hymn by the same name with much of the same text. “How Can I Keep from Singing” or “My Life Flows on in Endless Song” is an old Quaker hymn that has just as rich a text as the new song. I rehearsed it this morning with a newfound understanding and appreciation for Chris Tomlin’s new text and I’m looking forward to incorporating into worship this morning. Happy Sunday!

Friday Poll: CFB Pre-Season Poll

The College Football Pre-Season Poll came out this week. Notable names included #1 Alabama, #11 Auburn, #12 Louisville, #18 Stanford, and Tennessee at #25. Lots of thoughts have been shared since it was debuted. With that, here’s our poll for this week (don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!).

Wins & Losses (August 13-19)


  • I started an anthem in the LEBC choir rehearsal on Wednesday night. The Majesty and Glory of Your Name is one of my all-time favorite choir anthems (as in, top 5). But, it is not an easy anthem to sing. I went in to choir rehearsal expecting to learn one big section and by the end of it, the choir had sung (rather well, I might add) three good sections of the song. I was floored and thrilled at the same time, and absolutely cannot wait to conduct this wonderful song again.
  • The live shows for America’s Got Talent started last week and the Brasher house is PUMPED. We love this show so much and are excited to watch all the wonderful acts. Despite a few disappointments, my favorite acts moved forward in last week’s quarter-final round. Darci Lynne Farmer, a 12-year old ventriloquist, is our house favorite right now and we envision her going VERY far in the competition.
  • Thanks to a more established routine and the fervent prayers of our LEBC Choir family, Reagan is sleeping about 11-12 hours every night now (goes to bed around 6:45). She hardly wakes up in the night, and when she does, she quickly puts herself back to sleep. We are enjoying the time as husband and wife in the hours after she goes to sleep, but do wish we had more time in the afternoons with her once we come home from work.
  • We spent Friday afternoon & evening and Saturday at Horn Lake HS for the Mixed/Women’s/Men’s Choir retreat. We had an absolute ball hanging out with the students and rehearsing some great music. Reagan came with us and was a trooper for just about the entirety of the day.


  • For my non-vocational ministry friends, consider this your occasional reminder that ministry is hard. Don’t let our appearance on Sundays/Wednesdays give off the impression that we have it all together.
  • Last week was LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG. Becca and I both had open house at our respective schools, which made Tuesday feel a little shorter. But Wednesday, Thursday, and especially Friday dragged on like cold syrup on a pancake. I thought we would NEVER get to 3:45 on Friday. Students and teachers alike were exhausted and happy to see the weekend when it came.

Sunday Song 8.20.17

Today’s Sunday Song was carefully placed in the order of worship I planned three weeks ago. “Speak, O Lord” is a beautiful prayer-like hymn by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend that I have come to love. The hymn starts with the line, “Speak, O Lord as we come to You to receive the food of Your holy Word; take Your truth, plant it deep in us, shape and fashion us in Your likeness.” In the order of service today, it has been placed between the reading of God’s Word and the preaching of God’s Word. It’s a reminder to me (and I hope all believers) that the only perfect part of a worship service is when God’s Word is read.

Friday Poll: Music Listening

In this day and age, the avenues we have to listen to music are ever increasing. I’m interested to know your avenue choice!

What is #FakeNews?

What is “fake news?”

To some, it’s anything news network other than Fox News. To others, it’s any negative story about Donald Trump. You might have seen people who identify #fakenews as any news story that doesn’t satisfy their mindset or worldview.

Unfortunately, this term has been spun around so many times that no one really can place a definitive meaning to it. If you mosey on over to the Wikipedia page dedicated to this term, you’ll find all sorts of definitions, historical examples, differences by country, and much more. But what actually is it when it’s broken down to its basic components?

It’s just as its name suggests. “News” that isn’t real, authentic, or legitimate. It is simply stories that have no legitimate backing or source or documentation. For our humor, some websites are completely dedicated to writing and posting stories that are completely made up. For our dismay, these stories are usually crafted based on current events and can easily be confused for actual stories seen/heard on NPR, New York Times, PBS, or other legitimate news sources.

As a nation, our sense of credibility and desire for authenticity in the reporting of current events has been completely thrown by the wayside. We read an article (or better yet, the title of an article) and immediately react without taking in the context or the source from whence it came. Of course, there are publications that have obvious biases and agendas. Examples of that would be Conservative Tribune, Independent Journal Review, Liberty Writers, Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, Chicks on the Right, etc. These articles may stretch the truth, but cannot be considered satirical or completely bogus.

Satirical websites (website that intentionally publish made-up stories) are strictly there for the sake of humor. Examples would include The Onion, Babylon Bee, The End Times, National Report, Christwire, Weekly World News, and a host of others (for a complete list, click here). These websites must not be taken seriously and if shared, should only be for the sake of humor. It wouldn’t hurt to include a comment explaining that what you’re sharing is not real.

Also, is anything but official. Bogus in every sense of the word.

I urge each of us not to call something “Fake news!” simply because we disagree or are angered by what is being reported. Sometimes, the people we like mess up, and the people we don’t like do good deeds. When President Trump does something stupid (threatening North Korea with nukes and firepower) and CNN reports it in a cautionary fashion, it isn’t fake news. When you hear a news network/station interview someone and they say that the Confederate flag is offensive to them because it reminds them of slavery and racism, it isn’t fake news. It’s that person expressing their honest opinion.

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not real. That just means you won’t accept reality and are living in a fantasy world.

Wins & Losses (August 6-12)


  • The first full week of school is done. We both survived, but had forgotten how tired the two of us can get by the end of the day. Our schedules work out pretty well because I  can drop Reagan off with the babysitter in the morning  (school doesn’t start until 8:25) and Becca can pick her up in the afternoons (school lets out at 2:46).
  • A canceled choir retreat last Saturday gave me some valuable time needed to clean up our house. With the school year now in full swing, a clean house got put on the backburner real quick-like. So while Becca and Reagan were in Horn Lake for Becca’s choir retreat, I managed to sweep, dust, put away, Clorox wipe, and wash clothes all day. Despite my loathe of cleaning, it was quite productive and I felt proud of it by the end of the day.
  • Late last week, I noticed a video tweeted out by my congressman in Washington, Steve Cohen. I don’t believe I have ever had anything positive to say about this man because I haven’t found anything positive about him (he has already declared he intends to run for re-election in 2018 AND 2020). Anyway, this video he tweeted out was all about him being able to brag on himself (viewed X amount of times, liked Y amount of times, and shared Z amount of times). It was quite nauseating and not befitting of a “public servant”. So I called him out on it and told him to quit flattering himself. Moments…and I mean MOMENTS…later, I got back on his Twitter page only to find out that he BLOCKED me. I don’t believe I have ever been blocked before, but it was a proud moment for me. It may be a theory that you have to have thick skin to be a politician, but Steve Cohen, who obviously lacks a thick skin, sure knows how to work his way around it.


  • With a child in tow, it is become much more of a mission to prepare everything in the morning. Despite my not wasting time, I still am always battling the clock to get out the door by 6:45 each morning. Reagan is a trooper and never gives me trouble. But making sure I have all of her things as well as everything I need for the day keeps me on my toes all morning long.
  • The absolute and total unrest in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend is heartbreaking at the least and infuriating at the most. I would like to elaborate here, but I think it would take an entire blog post to fully explain my thoughts. I’ll cook one up and try to have it out by tomorrow.

Sunday Song 8.13.17

A major tenet of the Baptist faith is the doctrine of perseverance of the saints. It goes by other names such as “eternal security/salvation” or “once saved, always saved.” The further along I trod in my spiritual walk, the more I realize how foreign a concept this is to other denominations. However, if we believe that Christ calls us to salvation, we are assured that He will keep us in the palm of His hand, just as Scripture promises.

Today at Leawood East, we will sing a song that proclaims this pillar of faith. Sovereign Grace put this song out in 2003 and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It’s incredibly deep, theological text paired with a singable melody make this a perfect choice for congregational worship. Happy Sunday!