Sunday Song 7.16.17

There are times in our lives when we’re reminded just how sinful we really are. For me, it was when I was planning today’s service three weeks ago. Since it is my birthday, I was tempted to include my favorite songs…because it was my birthday. But the Holy Spirit convicted me (quickly) and fixed all that. Despite my sinful nature, we are singing some great songs today.

This song was a congregational favorite at the first church I served in Adamsville. They would always sing out strong on this song and I’ve been sure to take it with me to every church I’ve served since then.

Wins & Losses (June 25-July 8)

I guess W&L will just come on a bi-weekly basis until I get back in the school routine in August. Oh well, here ya go.


  • I completed a two-week summer theatre conservatory at Playhouse on the Square. While the first week was sort of frustrating, the second week was much more fun and enjoyable. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the kids and working with them as they prepared for mock auditions and the showcase. I hope I get to do this again next year now that I know what is expected of me.
  • The Leets and Brashers enjoyed a pre-Independence Day concert at the Levitt Shell. Having never been to the Levitt Shell, I was pretty excited to see the venue and experience a concert. We thoroughly enjoyed the 2PC choir and MSO. Reagan even enjoyed the mini-firework show at the end shot off to “Stars and Stripes Forever.”
  • The first day of July was met with a quick road trip to Nashville for Reagan to meet her Great-Great Aunt Nancy (this is my father-in-law’s aunt on his mother’s side). We enjoyed great food and quality time with that side of the family. Reagan was a trooper for most of the trip, but I guess she has a right to be angry when you’re in a carseat for that long.
  • We spent the Fourth of July holiday with the Mud Creek Brashers. We saw quite a few extended family members, as well as a few friends. Before we left, we got a tour of the nearly-completed sanctuary at Adamsville FBC and it looks great.
  • On Friday night of last week, I traveled to Enville to play for my cousin’s wedding. It was a quick trip, but the location of the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I’m a bit of a fan of farm weddings, even though I didn’t have one of my own. It was good to see more extended family on that day, and I’m thrilled for Kristina and Tyler as they begin their new life together.


  • It’s absolutely flabbergasting to me that summer is already halfway over. While I’ve enjoyed the time I had, knowing that school is now less than a month away is not a happy thought. I will miss my time at home with my girls.
  • Reagan has entered a sleeping regression. We’re trying all sorts of things to try and figure her out. Check back later.

Sunday Songs 7.9.17

Once a month, we have a corporate evening worship service at our church. The other Sunday evenings are spent in our various life groups. Sunday night services offer a little bit of creativity when planning a worship service. Sometimes the pastor does something different, sometimes I do something different. I can’t say that anything extraordinary is going on on my end of the plannings, but we are taking communion tonight which is one of my favorite parts of being a Christian. I love taking communion and being reminded of Christ’s sacrifice. Continue reading

Sunday Song 7.2.17

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying. Summer is now halfway over and we have entered the month of “No-Tie July” at Leawood East. Today, we will sing a song that has meant a lot to me over the years. I associate this song with many things, but specifically my earliest days in Reach 1 Ministries, the youth ministry of FBC Adamsville. This song was a favorite of our sign team, Transformed. Each time I sing it, I think back to the recording featuring Third Day and other CCM artists and I visualize various points of sign language depicting the words “tabernacle,” “galaxy,” or “Hallelujah.” Happy Sunday!

Wins & Losses (May 28 -June 3)


  • The first week of summer break was just as enjoyable as it should have been. Our week was easy-going with a few appointments and errands here and there. We are certainly looking forward to the rest of the summer months.
  • I booked a two-week gig at the end of June co-teaching at Playhouse on the Square during their summer conservatory. Most of it will be accompanying audition pieces and group songs, and I am ecstatic to add this to my resume! Stuff like this is a result of being friends with Memphis musician, Gary Beard.
  • Saturday was just an all-around great day and night. Becca’ folks volunteered to babysit so Becca and I could go out on a date. Thanks to gift cards, the date itself only cost us $2.75. Now my new suit that we bought on clearance is a bit of a higher number than that, but I digress…We went to see Wonder Woman (which was fantastic) and finished off the night with dinner and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. We had a marvelous time together and always look forward to the days when both of us get to ride in the front seats of the car.
  • America’s Got Talent premiered last week and what a premiere it was! With a new host and a Gold Buzzer before the night was over, it’s already proving that this season will be a wonderful show. I’m looking forward to Tuesday nights!


  • House issues plagued us this last week. We’ve had a leak in our upstairs guest bathroom for over a month now and between us, my dad, and one plumbing company, nobody could figure out where the leak came from. Unfortunately, our home warranty doesn’t cover leaks (what sense does that make?). I finally discovered it, called another plumbing company, and had the issue fixed in about 20 minutes. I wasn’t too keen on the price tag that came with it, but at least my downstairs floor isn’t damp anymore!

Pentecost Sunday Song 6.4.17

Confession: I am a Baptist that actually enjoys high church and prefers following the Christian church calendar. It’s not a dealbreaker when it comes to the church I attend, but I find great meaning and teaching opportunities when the liturgical church calendar is followed. Having been a Baptist my whole life, my only exposure to the church calendar was Easter and Christmas for the major holidays and Good Friday for the minor holiday. Continue reading

Wins & Losses (May 21-27)


  • The 2016-2017 school year at FACS wrapped up without a hitch. We enjoyed an Italian luncheon on our last day, and the checkout with the principal was easy-peezy. Exams were given and graded quickly and I lit out of that parking lot lickety split on Thursday afternoon. Life is good.
  • We had a host of extended family arrive on Friday in preparation for Reagan’s baby dedication on May 28 (more on that next week). We’ve really enjoyed our time together with everyone here, and look forward to it any time it happens. Lil’ Gipper has been extra expressive with all of them, which makes their visit that much sweeter.
  • Reagan had her 3-month checkup this last week. She’s growing at a steady pace and received two more vaccines. They didn’t come without a few tears and exhaustion, but we are thrilled to know she is healthy.


  • The latest season of DWTS wrapped up to many shocked fans. We all assumed Simone Biles would win it, and when she was eliminated, we were all convinced that the mirrored ball was going to Normani. But this season was not lacking in surprises. I was not completely thrilled with the outcome, but it’s not about what I want.
  • We’ve had a leak in our upstairs bathroom for over a month now. Two visits from our home warranty service still haven’t fixed it. We’re trying some homegrown methods (with the assistance of my dad) in hopes of fixing it ourselves.

Ascension Sunday Song 5.28.17

My stars, did the month of May move quickly! Here we are on Ascension Sunday,┬áthe day on the church calendar when we remember Christ’s glorious ascension into the heavens. Today, we will sing a Getty song that speaks of our ascension with Christ . In the final chorus, we sing “death is dead, love has won, and Christ has conquered!” Happy Ascension Sunday!