The Notetaker

note (noun) –a brief record of something written down to assist the memory or for future reference.


 my mama always taught me to run a lyric through my brain before it comes out my mouth. thanks to the power of WordPress, I can run a lyric through my brain and on a computer screen quite a few times before it comes out on the web. thanks, mama.

I am a life-loving music pastor, music teacher, and freelance pianist living and working in Memphis, Tennessee.

I am a Constitution-loving Republican, recognizing that principle matters more than party.

I am a sweet tea-drinking hick, looking forward to the day I return to the peaceful life of Small Town USA (35°15′0″N 88°23′25″W).

I am a Gospel-centered believer in Jesus Christ, recognizing that every meticulous thing happening around me is a direct result of Almighty God’s sovereignty.

I am a Rocky Top-singing fool who is crazy about my home state of Tennessee and her flagship team, the Tennessee Vols.

I am a Rebecca-adoring husband, married to my college sweetheart and trying to figure out this thing called marriage.

I am a Reagan-smitten new daddy to a beautiful little girl with whom I am absolutely crazy about.

That’s a lot of labels. But I am certainly proud of where I come from, what I do, who I am, to Whom I belong, and where I am going.

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