Wins & Losses (September 3-9)


  • Labor Day weekend was well-spent. We got a good bit of quality time with each side of the family, including two days in Adamsville. The weather was absolutely perfect and a Tennessee game (and win) was a great way to cap it off. And with Labor Day giving us the day off on Monday, that made for a shorter school week. The week went by rather quickly, and it was nice to enjoy the weekend a little earlier than usual.
  • Reagan is growing all the time. She’s not a chubby baby by any means, but she is LONG! And with passing the 6-month mark, she’s grown out of more clothes. That meant a trip to Babies ‘R Us for fall clothes that would fit. She got quite a few cute outfits and some interchangeable clothes here and there. It’s a good thing too. It’s getting chilly out. Which reminds me…
  • FALL WEATHER HAS ARRIVED. My favorite season is upon us. Fall weather means football,  cooler temperatures, warm clothes, band competitions, fall decorations, and pumpkin-flavored everything. I hope to go to the pumpkin patch this year and get some nice mums for the front of the house. It was a lovely touch last year and one I’d like to continue.
  • I worked the first half of Southaven High’s football home opener on Friday night. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I wanted to be home with my people. However, I really enjoyed it (game and halftime) and enjoyed being back under football lights again.


  • Despite a short week, teachers and students alike (particularly the Brashers) were extremely tired. Just because we have a shorter week doesn’t mean we have less work to do. 5 days worth of stuff still needs to be crammed in. The weekend was, as always, welcomed with open arms.
  • You’d think replacing a shoer head would be a rather simple task. And when you review the steps needed before you begin, it further confirms that. However, when the house you live in has 46-year old house pipes paired with a who-knows-how-old shower head pipe that decides to break off IN the 46-year old house pipes, the project becomes a little more difficult. Two trips to Ace Hardware still didn’t get the job done. For now, the Brasher Bathroom Saga continues with the guest shower being the primary bathing location. Stay tuned.

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