Wins & Losses (August 27-September 2)


  • It made my heart glad to see the release of the Nashville Statement. In short, this document expresses an affirmation of biblical standards of marriage, human sexuality, and how Christians are to live our lives according to what scripture says regarding it. I willingly and enthusiastically added my name to its list of signatories. It’s seen its fair share of backlash, but I was made even more happy to see the president of my alma mater, Union University, add his signature.
  • Not long after the Nashville Statement was released and had gained national prominence, I somewhat worked with three other guys from Union to craft a document for current Unionites and Union alums wanting to show their support of Union’s administration and its stance for scriptural authority. I was very pleased with its final draft and it has gained quite a following form current students and alumni. My heart was again made happy.
  • It’s always nice to get the first paycheck of the school year, especially when it’s for more than expected.
  • College football is back and I am PUMPED. I got my first fix on Saturday when Louisville played Purdue and came out with a victory.


  • Despite the great documents that are The Nashville Statement and Stand with Union, a document came out between the two of these that was disappointed in Union’s stance for biblical sexuality. The Union University Alumni Response had some major problems:
    • It’s name…implying that all UU alums agree with this statement.
    • The shock of the author and the signatories…like you didn’t know Union believed int he authenticity and authority of scripture.
    • It’s main author, when interview by a major newspaper, couldn’t even provide a scriptural citation when she claimed that the Bible supporting transgenders and affirmed gay marriage.
  • Thursday was all sorts of crazy. We were enduring what was left of Hurricane Harvey in the Mid-South. And for my readers who aren’t familiar with Memphis, just know that when anything (and I mean anything) falls from the sky, Memphians forget how to drive all together. Rain fell for over twelve hours and a tornado warning in the middle of school lunches did not help matters. We had students checking out in droves and at one point, I just decided to quit trying to accomplishing things and made a goal to just make it to the end of the day. We made the best of it with a Brasher-Waycaster sleepover at our house.

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