Friday Poll: The Nashville Statement

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Earlier this week, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, along with a coalition of theologically conservative evangelicals, released a document entitled “The Nashville Statement.” In it contains fourteen articles confronting confusions that have abounded regarding human sexuality and biblical marriage. These articles were drafted to clearly communicate what Scripture outlines for us as to what human sexuality, gender roles, and biblical marriage should look like. Almost immediately upon its release, controversy ensued. Counter statements, tweets, Facebook arguments, and the like took over social media throughout the week. To read the statement in its entirety, go to I’d love to see where you fall on the spectrum of agreement and disagreement. Leave your thoughts in the comments (on the blog!) if you wish to expound on your selection.

P.S. – For those that are confused as to why “Nashville” was included in the title, allow me to give you a bit of history. Historically, large-scale Christian documents/manifestos/statements that were crafted for the purpose of outlining doctrine were given titles based on the locations in which they were drafted and/or signed. Examples include the Nicene Creed, Synod of Dort, Westminster Confession, New Hampshire Confession of Faith, Philadelphia Confession of Faith, etc.  



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