Wins & Losses (August 20-26)


  • Most of the weekend was spent in Nashville for JWPepper’s “Sacred Sounds” event at Nashville FBC. This was a choral reading session hosted by Pepper and led by Mary McDonald and Mark Cabaniss. Becca and I are HUGE fans of Mary McDonald, so this was a real treat for me to meet her and get a peek inside her head (unfortunately, Becca did not get to come). We sang lots of great music for about 4 hours, and I ended the day at Chipotle with my college friend, Adam Stanford, who also made the trip.
  • The school day at Southaven High School on the day of the Great American Eclipse was rather enjoyable. Our school had about a third the number of students we normally have, so each class was EXTREMELY low-key. My classroom had a continuous livestream going of the total eclipse in Charleston, SC while a few of us teachers peeked outside every once in a while to see it from Southaven, MS. The eclipse was a bit disappointing in our area of the world, but it was still a neat experience.
  • Our precious little girl turned SIX MONTHS OLD last week. We’ve handled it between expressions of “She’s already six months old?!” and “You mean to tell me she’s ONLY six months old?” She’s rolling all over the place and wants to crawl so bad, but just hasn’t quite figured out the mechanics of it yet. But when it happens, I highly doubt we’ll be totally prepared for it.


  • Busy dreams over the last 4 nights have kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. Dreams of all sorts have flooded my mind while sleeping, leaving me groggy and not well-rested in the mornings (usually 45 minutes before I planned on getting up). I’m not exactly sure what has caused them to continue like they have. Let’s hope this Monday evening begins a new trend in my sleeping habits.

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