Wins & Losses (July 30-August 5)


  • The first “week” of school got off to a great start despite a few mishaps here, there, and yonder. We had two days of inservice followed by two days with students. I was able to memorize the names of all my students rather quickly (a big accomplishment for me), and learned that I only have to plan for one class a day since I teach it three times. The administration has been very helpful in my getting accustomed to the new system here.  I’ve gotten to know quite a few teachers despite our very large staff (135 approximately) and I really think I’m going to enjoy working here.
  • I’ve joined the faculty book club at school, which means I have started a new novel. The Glass Castle is a memoir in a fiction-esque style. You might have seen previews for the movie that is set to come out this week. When I heard that this was the book to be read in book club, I decided to join in and have it read before going to see the movie. With Saturday’s great weather and my front yard swing being neglected for the most of the summer, I managed to get in about an hour’s worth of reading during the afternoon. So far, so good!
  • I understand that boasting is a poor quality to possess. However, when I managed to garner up enough coupons and organize the grocery list just right and get out of Kroger with all of this week’s groceries for under $65, I stood up  a little taller when I walked in our house. Annnnnnnnnddddd I may have sent Becca a picture of the total with the caption, “I slay” before leaving the store.
  • I’m glad to see a good number of candidates in the race for Tennessee’s next governor. I’m honestly quite excited about the possibility of each of the Republican candidates with the exception of Mae Beavers (who has absolutely no chance of winning). I’m even okay with the possibility of the two Democrats in the race. So far, the major candidates for governor are:
    • Mae Beavers (R)
    • Diane Black (R)
    • Randy Boyd (R)
    • Karl Dean (D)
    • Craig Fitzhugh (D)
    • Beth Harwell (R)
    • Bill Lee (R)


  • While we both felt quite prepared for the first school day, we weren’t prepared at home the night before. Getting home from church around 9:15 every Wednesday night is no  bueno. Because on this particular Wednesday night, we had to: bathe the child, put the child to sleep, wash and dry the child’s laundry in preparation for the babysitter, boil bottles in preparation for the babysitter, and finish our lesson plans for the next two days. All of this kept us up until 11:30 and we paid for it the next day with headaches. But we’re still here!

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