Wins & Losses (July 9-22)


  • We spent three and a half days in Natchez, MS last week attending the state conference of the Mississippi chapter of the American Choral Director’s Association. Not only was the conference fun and enjoyable, the town was as well. I was not familiar with Natchez before and fell in love with it once we arrived. An old antebellum town on the MS-LA border that really preserved the life of the old south. We spent most of our days at Jefferson Street UMC doing rehearsals and sessions, explored the interesting points of the town in the evenings, and wrapped up our time with a concert at St. Mary Basilica right in town. We are definitely looking forward to going back next year.

  • New Hire Orientation at DeSoto County Schools went by without a hitch. Everything made sense, I got all the materials I needed, and managed to get out of there in time for lunch.
  • The family came into town the day before my birthday and took me out to Joe’s Crab Shack for a pre-birthday dinner. I hadn’t eaten there in years, and really enjoyed our time together. They came back to the house afterwards where we enjoyed ice cream cake and Bluebell ice cream. No matter what I receive for my birthday, having my family around me is always enough for me. Before all that happened, Dad and Quinten helped me move our Chickering vertical piano to my in-laws’ house. Which leads to the next win…
  • My parents’ church (FBC Adamsville) just finished a major building project in which they built a new worship center. Along with that, they bought a Young Chang grand piano. They had decided to sell their old grand piano at a price just to cover the new piano’s storage and service. Once I heard that they were selling it, I absolutely couldn’t pass it up. It was delivered last Friday and I am so excited to have my dream of owning a grand piano come true.


  • As much as we enjoyed the ACDA-MS conference, attending it with an infant is not the ideal situation. It’s not that Reagan was anything out of the ordinary, but she was not in her comfort zone and that made it difficult to enjoy the conference in its fullest. We probably definitely will not bring an infant in the future.
  • It is absolutely, tee-totally, blazing hot in Memphis right now. I’ve lived in Tennessee my whole life and have never experienced the gross heat we have had in the last two weeks. In fact, I don’t even believe I’ve ever heard of an “Excessive Heat Advisory” before until this past week. It’s times like these that make me wish I had more friends with swimming pools…

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