Wins & Losses (June 25-July 8)

I guess W&L will just come on a bi-weekly basis until I get back in the school routine in August. Oh well, here ya go.


  • I completed a two-week summer theatre conservatory at Playhouse on the Square. While the first week was sort of frustrating, the second week was much more fun and enjoyable. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the kids and working with them as they prepared for mock auditions and the showcase. I hope I get to do this again next year now that I know what is expected of me.
  • The Leets and Brashers enjoyed a pre-Independence Day concert at the Levitt Shell. Having never been to the Levitt Shell, I was pretty excited to see the venue and experience a concert. We thoroughly enjoyed the 2PC choir and MSO. Reagan even enjoyed the mini-firework show at the end shot off to “Stars and Stripes Forever.”
  • The first day of July was met with a quick road trip to Nashville for Reagan to meet her Great-Great Aunt Nancy (this is my father-in-law’s aunt on his mother’s side). We enjoyed great food and quality time with that side of the family. Reagan was a trooper for most of the trip, but I guess she has a right to be angry when you’re in a carseat for that long.
  • We spent the Fourth of July holiday with the Mud Creek Brashers. We saw quite a few extended family members, as well as a few friends. Before we left, we got a tour of the nearly-completed sanctuary at Adamsville FBC and it looks great.
  • On Friday night of last week, I traveled to Enville to play for my cousin’s wedding. It was a quick trip, but the location of the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I’m a bit of a fan of farm weddings, even though I didn’t have one of my own. It was good to see more extended family on that day, and I’m thrilled for Kristina and Tyler as they begin their new life together.


  • It’s absolutely flabbergasting to me that summer is already halfway over. While I’ve enjoyed the time I had, knowing that school is now less than a month away is not a happy thought. I will miss my time at home with my girls.
  • Reagan has entered a sleeping regression. We’re trying all sorts of things to try and figure her out. Check back later.

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