Sunday Songs 7.9.17

Once a month, we have a corporate evening worship service at our church. The other Sunday evenings are spent in our various life groups. Sunday night services offer a little bit of creativity when planning a worship service. Sometimes the pastor does something different, sometimes I do something different. I can’t say that anything extraordinary is going on on my end of the plannings, but we are taking communion tonight which is one of my favorite parts of being a Christian. I love taking communion and being reminded of Christ’s sacrifice.

Two Sunday songs are in the lineup for today due to two worship services. The first is a hymn that I have never planned in an order of service before today. The whole text of the hymn is good, but the first stanza has some extremely rich promises:

My faith has found a resting place,
Not in device nor creed;
I trust the Ever-living One,
His wounds for me shall plead.

The second song is one that was introduced to me during college years at Englewood Baptist Church. It seems quite appropriate to sing during Communion and I hope you can sincerely say today, “Thanks be to our God.”


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