Wins & Losses (June 18-June 24)


  • My first Father’s Day as a dad was a real special one. Reagan (with the help of her mama) got me a wooden watch with an engraved message and my first Sprezza box (t will probably be a while before the next Sprezza box arrives though). After church, we ate at Rio Azul where I enjoyed something a little tastier than my usual Chimichanga Supreme. I was treated very well for my first Father’s Day.
  • Our dear friend Hillarie stopped by on Tuesday night. We had been planning on inviting her over when our Sandi Patty “Forever Grateful” DVD arrived in the mail (this is a recording of the concert we attended back in October at Bellevue). We enjoyed chicken kabobs, grilled veggies, Olive Garden salad, and a homemade banana pudding that was to DIE FOR. The DVD was excellent and the Brashers had the camers on them several times throughout the feature! We had a wonderful time together and always look forward to spending time with friends like Hillarie.
  • Our sweet little Reagan turned 4 months old last week. The growth in development between 3 months and 4 months has been absolutely astounding. Lil’ Gipper is talking up a storm (on one vowel, of course), reaching for everything in sight, laughing a whole lot, petting Knox, sorta-kinda-maybe-a-little-bit trying to crawl, and doing her very best to try and roll over from back to belly. Watching her is so much fun.



  • You get one huge loss for the week:
    • Thursday night was a long, long night. We stayed up later than usual so we could catch up on our missed episode of America’s Got Talent. We shut off the lights at 11:30. Just before 2:00, something woke me up. I immediately realized that our power had just went out. There was no rainstorm about, so I wasn’t sure what could have caused it. I woke Becca up to tell her, knowing that she would want to make sure Reagan didn’t get too hot. I called the MLGW line to report the outage. We tried to go back to sleep, but our anxiety over not knowing why it was out and the ongoing concern for Reagan kept us awake. We moved downstairs around 3:00 or so where it was cooler. The MLGW trucks came around and had the power back on around 3:45ish. We tried to go back to sleep, but 8 minutes later, I happened to be looking out our huge living room window where I saw and heard the transformer explode. YOU DO NOT KNOW FEAR UNTIL YOU’VE SEEN AND HEARD A TRANSFORMER EXPLODE. Well that little event kept us up even longer and the power finally came back on at 5:30. I was up at 6:45 to get ready for the day, so I was quite the drag on Friday morning.

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