Wins & Losses (May 28 -June 3)


  • The first week of summer break was just as enjoyable as it should have been. Our week was easy-going with a few appointments and errands here and there. We are certainly looking forward to the rest of the summer months.
  • I booked a two-week gig at the end of June co-teaching at Playhouse on the Square during their summer conservatory. Most of it will be accompanying audition pieces and group songs, and I am ecstatic to add this to my resume! Stuff like this is a result of being friends with Memphis musician, Gary Beard.
  • Saturday was just an all-around great day and night. Becca’ folks volunteered to babysit so Becca and I could go out on a date. Thanks to gift cards, the date itself only cost us $2.75. Now my new suit that we bought on clearance is a bit of a higher number than that, but I digress…We went to see Wonder Woman (which was fantastic) and finished off the night with dinner and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. We had a marvelous time together and always look forward to the days when both of us get to ride in the front seats of the car.
  • America’s Got Talent premiered last week and what a premiere it was! With a new host and a Gold Buzzer before the night was over, it’s already proving that this season will be a wonderful show. I’m looking forward to Tuesday nights!


  • House issues plagued us this last week. We’ve had a leak in our upstairs guest bathroom for over a month now and between us, my dad, and one plumbing company, nobody could figure out where the leak came from. Unfortunately, our home warranty doesn’t cover leaks (what sense does that make?). I finally discovered it, called another plumbing company, and had the issue fixed in about 20 minutes. I wasn’t too keen on the price tag that came with it, but at least my downstairs floor isn’t damp anymore!

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