Wins & Losses (May 21-27)


  • The 2016-2017 school year at FACS wrapped up without a hitch. We enjoyed an Italian luncheon on our last day, and the checkout with the principal was easy-peezy. Exams were given and graded quickly and I lit out of that parking lot lickety split on Thursday afternoon. Life is good.
  • We had a host of extended family arrive on Friday in preparation for Reagan’s baby dedication on May 28 (more on that next week). We’ve really enjoyed our time together with everyone here, and look forward to it any time it happens. Lil’ Gipper has been extra expressive with all of them, which makes their visit that much sweeter.
  • Reagan had her 3-month checkup this last week. She’s growing at a steady pace and received two more vaccines. They didn’t come without a few tears and exhaustion, but we are thrilled to know she is healthy.


  • The latest season of DWTS wrapped up to many shocked fans. We all assumed Simone Biles would win it, and when she was eliminated, we were all convinced that the mirrored ball was going to Normani. But this season was not lacking in surprises. I was not completely thrilled with the outcome, but it’s not about what I want.
  • We’ve had a leak in our upstairs bathroom for over a month now. Two visits from our home warranty service still haven’t fixed it. We’re trying some homegrown methods (with the assistance of my dad) in hopes of fixing it ourselves.

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