Wins & Losses (May 14-21)


  • Our little girl turned 3 months old this past week. We are in complete awe as we watch her develop week by week. She is orally communicating with us a lot more now. We can tell when she is mimicking sounds we make or just carrying on a conversation the best she can manage. It’s so much fun being her dad.
  • FACS graduation was held on Saturday morning. I was quite the busy one as I had to play the organ for processional and recessional. I also played the piano while diplomas were presented. The ceremony went on without a hitch. It was a pleasure to present the Thespian of the Year Award to MW, one of my very talented theatre students this year. I am certainly going to miss several of these students as they press forward in their next steps.
  • We had a “birthing class reunion” with some friends on Saturday night at Pyro’s. We all got to catch up and see each others’ babies, which was quite the treat. We dubbed ourselves the Presidential Class because every child born out of the class bears the name of a president. Totally unplanned coincidence.
  • Now that my ducks are in a row, I can make public the new music teaching position I have accepted at Southaven High School.  This position involves teaching class piano, general music, and accompanying all the Southaven choirs. My time at FACS has been wonderful, but I have learned that teaching theatre is not my forte. I love the art and everything about it, but this ol’ boy doesn’t have what it takes to show somebody else how to do it. It will be nice to get back into music. This new position puts Becca and I in the same school district. GO CHARGERS!


  • With regards to graduation, it was very tough bidding farewell to several seniors. I didn’t watch these students grow up, but I did get to know them this year and had a ball with them. This small group of 7 seniors out of 85 will never know how much they meant to me this year. We had such a blast in my classes and in rehearsals. If you’re reading this, know that I am extremely proud of you. Thank you for making my year at FACS a memorable one.

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