Wins & Losses (May 7-13)


  • The major hills to climb were climbed this past week. Becca completed all of her concerts, recitals, and banquet to wrap up a most successful first year of teaching. Although she still has 1.5 weeks left, it should prove to be an easy-going remainder of time.
  • Wednesday was a proud teacher moment. Two of my students spoke in senior chapel and did an exceptional job. MW spoke on her experience making big plans, and how the Lord totally transformed those plans into something she never expected. TS gave a testimony of his character transformation that came with transferring to FACS. I was so proud of each of these students and will miss a whole bunch of these seniors when they graduate on Saturday.
  • Thursday night found me once again at the piano in the rehearsal hall of Theatre Memphis. I had really missed playing for these people, and was quite excited at the opportunity to play again. They are preparing a production of South Pacific, and I was relieved to hear it since I have played that show before. While there, I made a contact from the Orpheum Theatre, and I’m that it will prove to be a noteworthy contact!
  • I took the day off on Friday to hang out with my sister and Reagan. Our usual sitter was graduating from college, so this seemed like a good excuse to take the day off. And am I glad I did! My sister and I really enjoyed our time with Reagan, and the day went by so smoothly.
  • I spent Saturday morning at Grace Chapel Primitive Baptist Church at their annual Sacred Harp Singing. I unfortunately didn’t get to stay for the whole event, but it was a treat to pull out my Sacred Harp hymnal and sing out of it again.


  • Despite overcoming a bunch of hurdles this week, we were hardly home. Both Becca and I had somewhere to be during the day and evening every day last week. What makes it better was that none of the events were avoidable. We actually HAD to be there. We were both exhausted by the time Saturday came around, and took it VERY EASY around the house on Saturday. We are looking forward to every evening (except one) at home this week.

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