Her mama and I have been running around the world over the last week. And lucky for Reagan, she got to tag along to most of those events that have beckoned us. Here’s what has kept us busy lately:

  • Friday, May 5th – High school choir concert
  • Sunday, May 7th – Sunday night church
  • Monday, May 8th – Middle school choir concert
  • Tuesday, May 9th – Middle school piano recital
  • Thursday, May 11th – Soccer game in Collierville while hanging out with Aunt Nat and Miminanaebugranna (Becca’s mom, who has yet to decide on a grandmotherly name)
  • Friday, May 12th – High school choir banquet

And through it all, she’s been a trooper. Naturally, she got fussy at times and unfortunately, I missed half of each choral concert because she was upset. Perhaps that’s why, today, she slept for a good chunk of the day. And her parents may have slept alongside her for part of the day as well…

We’re so happy that the end of school is only two weeks away. Our only major event is graduation at FACS on May 20th. And that’s good for her because she doesn’t have to come. Tough life.


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