Wins & Losses (April 16-22)


  • Our first Easter Sunday as a family of three was joyful. Reagan looked absolutely adorable in her Easter attire, and our celebration of Christ’s resurrection was beautiful. We are so blessed.
  • Having the Monday after Easter off was a good thing. I scheduled a rehearsal in the afternoon, but that didn’t keep us from enjoying the morning as a family. We very much cherished our few hours together that day.
  • I had NO JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES this week due to testing. Thanks to that, my afternoons became super productive and I got tons of things done for the show (painting, lights, props, etc.). It was beautiful.
  • It was tech and musician week for our musical at FACS. I was worried beyond my wits until Friday night when we added our two musicians. The rehearsal went so incredibly well, and I told Becca the next day, “We’re actually going to pull this off!” Friday night went so well that we turned Saturday morning into a polishing rehearsal for a few technicalities and it was extremely helpful.
  • Our dear college friend, Hillarie, stopped in for dinner and conversation on Thursday night. This is something we had been planning for over a year and we were happy to finally have it come to fruition. We enjoyed catch-up conversations and Hillarie seemed at least a little happy to be meeting Reagan. It’s always a blessing to catch up with our Union family.
  • Mom and Dad pulled into town on Saturday morning and babysat Reagan so Becca and I could enjoy the afternoon/evening out. We went to our penultimate Orpheum show of this season (The Sound of Music) and LOVED it. The whole cast was great, particularly the actress who portrayed the role of the Reverend Mother. Afterwards, we put a gift card to use at Fleming’s near our house. As much as we loved the food and service at Fleming’s, we will probably never go there again ($$$…∞).


  • Wednesday was every teacher’s “dream.” I had to administer the Pre-ACT to my homeroom of lively 9th graders. Although it was only a half-day at school, those few hours dragged on and on and on. I had never administered a test before, only proctored. Trust me; it’s actually more difficult that it appears.
  • Hitting bumps in the road when you are less than two weeks out from opening night are never fun. Such was the case last Thursday with some scenery. I’ll put it this way: everything will look great by opening night, or we’ll just have a bunch of pretty boxes for a backdrop!


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