Wins & Losses (April 9-15)


  • Holy Week was a great time of reflection once again. I repeated my tradition started last year of reading the Passion story day-by-day as it happened. In other words, on Sunday, I read about the triumphal entry. On Tuesday, I read about Christ overturning the tables of the moneychangers. And so on, and so forth. Doing this makes the Passion story more real for me every year.
  • Reagan gets more expressive with each passing day. This last week saw the most growth in her facial expressions. She is smiling so much more, and we’ve learned what tricks get her to smile the biggest. We could watch her smile all day (literally).
  • The four-day week at FACS was beautiful. We got some set pieces painted, props delivered, musicians booked, t-shirts delivered, and completed half of a tech rehearsal. So, despite the abbreviated week, stuff got done.


  • I hate getting depressed. There is nothing about me that enjoys sad emotions, or feelings of unworthiness. But alas, that doesn’t keep it from happening from time to time. It lasted a few days, and I eventually got over it, but the time spent in depression was not a fun place to be.
  • It’s crunch time for my spring musical. Most things are coming together, but there’s always something looming over my head saying, “I’m not finished!” or “You still haven’t bought that prop that will take 3 days to deliver!” These next two weeks will drive me mad. April 30th is looking like a beautiful day.

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