Easter Sunday Song 4.16.17

Happy Easter! May the power and hope of His resurrection overflow in your heart as you worship Him in spirit and truth today!


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Song 4.16.17

  1. I discovered your blog last week, and I’ve been waiting to see what song you would serve up for us for Easter Sunday. I love, Love, LOVE this song!!! When I first heard it, it’s all I listened to for a whole week. I half seriously suggested it for our church for Easter, but didn’t hold much hope (or should that be faith?). Sadly we didn’t have it. I just have to listen to the songs I want/like at home. Quick question: how do you ensure your song selections are varied, mixing good old songs, but also keeping up with all the new ones? (I.e. how does one keep from just using the same half a dozen Bethel or Hillsong numbers?)


    • Hi Trent! Thanks for stopping by and for being a faithful reader!

      One thing I never do is go straight to Bethel Music, Hillsong, or Jesus Culture. I fear that by doing that, I am further helping the worship “industry.” I don’t believe that worship should be an industry, but a collective. Trying to “keep up” with worship songs prevents our musical worship from having a foundation.

      In our services, we sing four songs each Sunday. With regards to style (which is a secondary point for me), I usually go half-and-half. Music from Keith and Kristyn Getty is a perfect balance in that they are recently written (most within the last 10 years), they are singable, and they are filled with sound doctrine. I would encourage you to disregard style when selecting music and look for truth. If it’s just a bunch of feel-good words that conveniently rhyme, it’s probably not a great song for corporate worship. If you can literally see Scripture in the song, sing it with ease AND with conviction, you’ve found a good song.


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