Wins & Losses (April 2-8)


  • My Monday was made brighter with the visit of Becca and Reagan at work. They came and ate lunch with me since Becca’s doctor appointment got rescheduled. It was a sweet spot in my day, and one that I wish could happen more often.
  • The set pieces are good and built for our upcoming school musical. This week calls for painting, and gathering the rest of the props!
  • The weather keeps getting warmer and warmer, and this southern soul is glad about it! I love wearing short sleeves to work, and being outside in the afternoons/evenings. Even if I have to mow the yard, at least it’s enjoyable to be outside again!
  • Our weekend in Adamsville was full of love, family, and fun. We were treated to a Sip ‘n See (never heard of those before now) on Saturday morning by my parents’ church. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s essentially a baby shower after the baby is born. We spent the afternoon lounging around in Mud Creek before we had a Brasher family get-together in the early evening. This was a chance for some extended family members to meet Reagan. On the way home, we stopped by Mimi and Grampy’s so they could meet Reagan for the first time. We were very blessed by the weekend, but exhausted by the time we returned to Memphis on Saturday night! Zzzzzzzzzzz….


  • Although things are getting done almost daily, the stress of this spring musical is real. Once I tackle something, I’m reminded of something else that needs my immediate attention. I love this show, but I’ll sure be happy when April 30th rolls around.
  • Despite the fact that Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be the next SCOTUS justice (an excellent choice by President Trump), it broke my heart to see more partisan division in the halls of Congress. How I long for the day when Republicans and Democrats find common ground simply based on qualifications.

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