Wins & Losses (March 26-April 1)


  • You may remember a blurb on a previous edition of W&L when I had just recently eaten a slice of humble pie. That has proven to be a wonderful occurrence. Since then, my joy has been fuller, my outlook has been brighter, and my attitude has been MUCH more tolerable!
  • On Tuesday, we celebrated the Queen’s birthday! Reba turned 62 on March 28 and it was a beautiful thing!
  • We landed a sweet deal, and I am now the proud owner of my first gas grill! I love my charcoal grill and try to use it whenever I have the time. But owning a gas grill is a beautiful thing, and I’m glad it’s now a reality.
  • My folks came for a visit over the weekend and we had the best time. We played many games of corn-hole, Dad bought Mom a car, Dad and I grilled pork chops for dinner (on my new gas grill!) and Reagan spent some much uninterrupted time with her aunt, uncle, grandparents and great-grandmother. A fun time was had by all.


  • While I know the trip was good for them, Becca and Reagan spent the majority of the week visiting extended family in north Alabama, leaving me in Memphis. I missed them so much and was ECSTATIC when they returned.
  • Last week was just awful. As if going back after spring break wasn’t enough, something seemed to go wrong every day at work. Top it off with no wife and daughter at home, and it makes for a week one wants to forget immediately.
  • TEACHER FRUSTRATIONS: when students ask the same teacher-is-gonna-say-no questions every…single…day. You didn’t change seats yesterday, you aren’t today, and tomorrow doesn’t look good either. Carve that in stone.

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