Wins & Losses (March 19-25)


  • Reagan went to church for the first time on the 19th! We were so excited to finally get her to church and she behaved so well!
  • Grandparents offering to babysit are a wonderful thing. It’s especially wonderful when they volunteer to babysit on a night when you can go see Beauty and the Beast (which was GREAT).
  • Spring break has come and gone. I enjoyed the time at home with Rebecca and Reagan. It was actually the very first time we’ve gotten to enjoy quality time at home when it’s just the three of us. We loved every second of it.
  • On Wednesday, we made a trek out to Jackson to visit a few people. We stopped to see my Nana, our friend MaryAnn who teaches at the Montessori school, and several Union friends at the Jackson campus. All of them were VERY happy to meet Reagan. It was a full day, but our hearts were just as full.
  • I spent part of the weekend in Adamsville with my folks. I enjoyed the Power Rangers movie with my brother on Friday night (IT WAS AWESOME), and went to the wedding of a high school friend on Saturday. I capped off the time there listening to Quinten entertain guests at River Heights Restaurant.


  • I try to have compassion for restaurants that are occasionally short-staffed. My compassion goes away when I wait for 45 minutes to receive my food, especially since it was not crowded when we arrived. It was so bad that I left an hour later than I expected.

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