Wins & Losses (March 12-18)



  • We survived not one, but TWO outings with Reagan this week. With great-grandparents in town and birthdays to celebrate, it was impossible to stay inside. We enjoyed Firebird’s on Thursday night (with Great-Grandaddy Ron) and Cheddar’s in Jackson on Friday night (Mom’s birthday dinner). The families were VERY happy to see Reagan, and we were just happy she was so good.
  • On Sunday afternoon, we received all of Reagan’s newborn and Rebecca’s maternity pictures from Kellie Conlon Photography. We are absolutely in love with all of them and can’t wait to get prints to frame and hang around the house!
  • Eating a slice of humble pie is never a good experience. But in my case this time around, it proved to be a beneficial slice. My hard-headed self never likes to admit when I’m wrong. However, if the outcome of it is one that benefits a lot of people, I’m definitely willing to participate. Here’s to hoping the next few weeks and months are positive!
  • Although I’ve been enjoying Sabrina, the Teenage Witch on Amazon Prime Video, I was REALZ happy to find the complete series on DVD at Walmart for $40! There was only one left, so I snagged it immediately. My 90’s and 00’s self can’t be tamed right now!
  • Becca and I enjoyed a night out on Saturday night while the grandparents and great-grands watched Reagan. We ate burritos at Booya’s, topped it off with a chocolate milkshake and Orange Crush float at Dyer’s Cafe, and stopped by the church where we got married. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening.


  • The cold was NOT welcome this past week. Thankfully, spring weather made it’s arrival on Monday. Let’s hope this cold weather is gone until AT LEAST October. Preferably November.
  • With Vanderbilt’s upsetting loss to Northwestern in the NCAA Tournament, my bracket began its demise. Louisville is out now, and I’ve got Kansas winning the whole thing.
  • The week leading up to spring break was exhaustingly long. I thought we would NEVER make it to Friday. But we did, and I’m enjoying my spring break. Summer vacation’s in two weeks, right?

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