God Has a Way of Doing That

When it comes to church music, I tend to be very picky. I suppose it’s expected since I am a musician and I do have a music degree from a university where I learned a great deal about church music although I was a music education major. That being said, when I am planning a worship service, I meticulously pick through music to make sure we aren’t just singing songs. I want to make sure that a song wasn’t picked “just because” or “they know this one” or “we like this one.”

Before Reagan was born, I had crafted up a worship service in the event that I would have to miss a Sunday. It included songs that I would never hardly ever combine all in the same worship service. Here were the titles:

  • Blessed be Your Name (2002)
  • Here I am to Worship (2001)
  • Worthy of Worship (1988)
  • Wonderful Merciful Savior (1989)
  • Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone (2002)

Of the five songs here, I enjoy the third and fourth songs. I got tired of “Blessed be Your Name” in 2006 and I got tired of “Here I am to Worship” in 2005. That being the case, I rarely use them in a worship service nowadays because I imagine that most folks my age and other ages are probably tired of them as well. And you may also notice that each of these songs were written within a 13-year time span. There’s no variety to the selection. This is definitely not my style.

When I originally planned it, I didn’t expect to lead the service even if the songs had to be implemented. It was just used as a backup should I have to miss a Sunday unexpectedly. Reagan was born on a Tuesday, so I thought nothing of it. That is, I thought nothing of it until I realized I was about 4 days behind in my usual planning schedule. So I used the backup plan as the order of service for March 12th. And I’ll be honest, I was dreading it. I did not like those songs. From the moment I put it all together until the morning of, I was dreading it. And then, as if I didn’t expect it, God totally changed my heart.

We were singing the second song (“Here I am to Worship”), and for the first time, I paid very close attention to the last part of the second verse.

“Humbly, You came to the earth You created; all for love’s sake, became poor.”

What a beautiful picture of Jesus. The King of all kings put on human flesh (which certainly was not comfortable for Him), descended down to the sinful earth HE CREATED, dwelt among us, endured the most agonizing death known to man, and defeated the grave. Once those words hit home, I knew exactly what God was doing. He was taking this redeemed sinner’s hard heart and softening it so that I would not stand in the way of His working in the lives of the people I was leading  in worship. He was reminding me that I was not in the place I was in by my own doing. He was humbling me…giving me a good kick in the pants, if you will. I need that more often than not.

God sure has a way of doing that sometimes.


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