Wins & Losses (March 5-11)


  • I very much enjoyed having my brother in town for an extended stay. He was with us from Saturday to Tuesday, and we really enjoyed the time together. He even came to school with me on Monday and watched me teach!
  • Allie Filipek, my wife’s best friend and the MOH at our wedding, came for a visit from Nashville. She hung out with us throughout the end of the week so she could meet her “niece.” It’s always a great time when Allie comes to visit us!
  • We received a wonderful gift at the end of the week with the visit of Leslie Mathews and her three daughters, Ellen, Becca, and Natalie. Unfortunately, Chris could not be with us due to the Ref500 conference at Union going on at the same time. It was sweet to see all of them and show off Reagan. It definitely did our hearts good to receive some OK love!


  • Little miss Reagan cannot decide what she wants to do between 8:00 and midnight every night. We have appropriately named that interval “the witching hours.” We never know what to expect at that time. Midnight/1:00-6:00 is always good. Let’s hope for progress as we move forward!
  • TEACHER FRUSTRATIONS:  when a student has 7 missing assignments in a quarter, is on the verge of failing, and wonders if he/she can make up the missed assignments in a day’s time. More power to ya.

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