Sunday Song 3.12.17

Most of my growing-up years were spent at Adamsville First Baptist Church. My family joined there in 2001 and stayed for 3 years before my dad surrendered to ministry. We would come back from time to time in between churches because that was home. That was the church where my brother and I were saved. That was the church that sent us out on the mission field.

It was also here where I learned many great hymns and songs of the faith. Through Ann Hudson, Geneva Seaton, and Michael Hale, I learned many hymns that have stuck with me to this day. One of those is hymn #3 in the ’91 Baptist Hymnal. It’s a song written in 1987 by Mark Blankenship and Terry York called “Worthy of Worship.” It is a song rich in theology, yet simple enough to learn and be sung by a children’s choir. It became one of my favorite hymns to sing, and I looked forward to singing it every time it appeared in the Sunday bulletin.

The first stanza tells why God is worthy of worship. The second stanza gives instruction on how to worship (“worthy of reverence, worthy of fear”). The third stanza is all comprised of names of God. What an excellent hymn that I have loved through the years, and what an excellent way to express to God how worthy He is of our worship.



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