Wins & Losses (February 26-March 4)

Wins & Losses


  • Becca’s mom and Mimi (Melanie’s mom) spent the week with us. They would come over during the day and help Becca out with Reagan. Of course, I’m sure they didn’t mind the time with the first grandchild and great-grandchild either! We certainly appreciated the help and advice. They’re pretty smart 🙂
  • The end of the week found me at Germantown Presbyterian Church where I accompanied two FACS choirs in the WTVMEA Choral Festival. I always enjoy choral festival and being the accompanist for choirs is one of my favorite activities. We had a great time!
  • Reagan had her newborn photo session on Thursday, and she was ADORABLE. Kellie Conlon did a wonderful job of not only taking photos, but keeping her calm throughout the session. We are so excited to see them and get them on our walls at home!
  • Our weekend was filled with visitors from McNairy County. My folks came in on Saturday morning and stayed the whole day, offering Becca and I a night out. My “godmother,” Lisa Lujan, and her sister, Sara Jo, also came for a visit around mid-day. But, of course, a visit from Lisa is not complete unless she  fixes something. Thanks to her expertise, she repaired our TV/internet cables that had been damaged by our dog on the outside of our house. Saved us a pretty penny since Comcast charges an arm and leg simply for knocking on your door. It really pays to have smart friends.
  • We have been blessed already by members of our church family who have cooked/brought meals for us. It just thrills our hearts to belong to a church body that loves us the way they do. We are so grateful.


  • An unplanned trip to Becca’s doctor was not how we expected to end Reagan’s newborn session. Thankfully, everything was okay and we went on home relieved. But we will never look at her newborn photos without that memory!
  • TEACHER FRUSTRATIONS: when parents email you every minute of every day wanting to know every detail of every activity. I live by a great motto that is fitting in this situation: “You don’t have to know everything.”

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