Wins & Losses: Reagan Brasher Edition

Wins & Losses


Obviously, THE win of the week was the birth of Reagan. Her entrance into our lives was the most wonderful feeling we’ve ever experienced together. Holding her in our arms, realizing that this is the same little one that has been fidgeting around in her mommy for months was an emotion I can’t put into words.

Becca began having irregular contractions on Monday morning. Coincidentally, we had been praying hard the night before that she would go into labor on Sunday night. We did some curb-walking and regular walking for a couple of hours, and that seemed to regulate them a little bit. We went to the scheduled doctor’s appointment that afternoon where we informed our doctor about what was going on. As a professional, she was careful not to make any assumptions. We went on home and the contractions continued coming at a regular pace. Once we got to the “3-minutes-apart” mark, we grabbed our bags and headed to the hospital for what would become a 24 process before she was born.

We stayed at the hospital for about 2 hours before Becca was officially admitted. Both our families had shown up by this point. My side of the family were real troopers as they made camp in the waiting area of the hospital. Becca’s mom stayed in the room with us while her dad and siblings stayed at home/went to work. She continued her contractions, and at 3:00 in the morning, she received her epidural and pitocin. We went through the next day, gradually increasing in dilation and effacement. Around 4:00, we hit 9 cm. We all got so excited and expected to see little Reagan before supper time. However, when Becca sat at 9 cm for four hours, our doctor (who happend to be Becca’s doctor through the whole process!) came in and advised us to go through with a C-section. After a few minutes of discussion, we obliged and informed our families.

We were prepped for surgery, and the C-section began. The operation was quick & successful, and little miss Reagan made her debut at 8:38 p.m after 36 hours of labor. We spent an hour alone as a family while Becca regained her normal state, and then we were moved to postpartum where Reagan met her great-grandmother, grandparents, uncles, and aunt. We stayed at the hospital for 2 more days where we were visited by a host of friends and family. Becca’s recovery was typical for a C-section, and she continues to recover at home. To all who prayed us through the labor process, you have our deepest extensions of gratitude. We couldn’t have done it without the power of God.

We’ve enjoyed our weekend at home surrounded by family who came to support us and get us accustomed to a home with an infant. She’s the light of our life and the source of all things cute, cuddly, and adorable.



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