Sunday Song 2.26.17

cross note

One of the most profound issues with contemporary worship music is that rarely do they last over a year in terms of popularity. These are songs whose lyrics and music did not have a great marriage. When songs don’t have a perfect marriage between text and music, they will not be sung for very long in the local church. That is why hymns have lasted for CENTURIES (literally). Hymnwriters and composers worked tirelessly to write music that PERFECTLY fit the hymn’s text. However, every once in a while, a modern song captures great music and great lyrics and they are sung for a really long time. Such is the case today at Leawood East. Right after we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy,” we seamlessly transition into this next song that continues to describe and reflect on  the holiness of God. Honestly, what other primary reason is there to sing if not to sing of God’s holiness?


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