Wins & Losses (February 12-18)


  • We had an incredible evening service at our church on the 12th. It was a testimony service that turned into a time of Spirit-filled prayer for those in need. We are so grateful to be a part of such a loving church family.
  • Valentine’s Day for us consisted of dinner at Seasons 52 and donuts from Gibson’s. It was somewhat low-key, somewhat high-key. We enjoyed the time together despite the over-commercialized holiday.
  • Thanks to some help from Becca’s parents, siblings, and grandparents, we got Reagan’s room all set up for her. We also got our room set up for the first few weeks that she’ll be in the room with us.


  • Becca discovered a flat tire on Wednesday night just before she went grocery shopping. However, this loss wasn’t all that bad since it was repaired the next day and I got a day off of work to do some things around the house.
  • Life is not slowing down. Every once in a while, I’d like to have use one extra hour to get something done. But alas, it passes and blog posts come a day late.

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