Sunday Song[s] 2.19.17

cross note

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t just pick one song today.

It took me two weeks to notice it, but when I looked at the order of service for today, I noticed the recuring theme of God’s love right in the middle of the music portion of our service. That was totally unintentional, but so worth it once we sang it. Today, I have two songs for you. The first song was today’s choir anthem by Mark Hayes, “To Love Our God.” It is based on the first two chapters of Ecclesiastes and is one of my Top 5 favorite anthems in our choral library. The recording today comes from a congregation in Memphis, Second Presbyterian Church.

The second song today is a hymn that I was introduced to in 2013. I had probably seen it in hymnals growing up, but I never recalled singing it until college. We sang the first and last verses today. In my opinion (for what that’s worth), the last verse of “The Love of God” is one of the most well-written texts in all of hymnody. What a beautiful way to describe God’s love.


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