Wins & Losses (February 5-11)

Wins & Losses


  • Although I haven’t followed professional football since Peyton retired, the Super Bowl magically brings everybody to one place. For us, that place was the home of our friends, the Orwigs. We gathered with about fifty other people and had the best time watching the game. Some were intently into the game (yours truly), some played games, and others just socialized. Whatever we chose to do, we had fun. And we loved that.
  • The countdown is on! We are now less than one month from Baby Brasher’s due date and we are absolutely ecstatic. We packed a bag for the little one the other day, so we are ready whenever she decides to make her debut!
  • We have become big fans of the Memphis Masterworks Chorale, an extension of the music ministry at Second Presbyterian Church here in Memphis. On Friday night, we attended their concert where they presented Handel’s Messiah in its entirety. Neither of us had heard the entire oratorio before, but we enjoyed it so much. We both wish we had time to join the choir!
  • I learned how to use a Moby Wrap! Now I’m prepared to tote Baby Brasher all around the house!


  • This week was my last true week of freedom as far as time goes. I’m about to dive in head-first into the spring musical at school and Baby Brasher could come at any time. Let’s just say that summer can’t come fast enough.
  • It’s about that time of year where teachers are subconsciously (and some consciously!) dragging themselves to their daily tasks. Lesson planning, grading papers, teaching students, maintaining discipline, attending meetings, and even getting up for work is more difficult at this point of the year than others. Although I’m still fresh in my teaching career, I’m feeling it too!


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