A Music Recommendation

My love for Her Majesty the Queen, Reba McEntire, is no secret to anyone that knows me. Her “Rumor Has It” CD from 1990 was my first taste of country music. When that short guitar riff shot in on “Climb that Mountain High,” I was hooked on her music from then on. I’ve followed her career through Reba, Annie Get Your Gun, Malibu Country (though short-lived), and nearly every album release. Just last week, she released her latest album,  Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. This two-disc album features many familiar hymns and gospel songs with a slick, country flavor. The second disc features newer songs. Although I’ve only had the album for 5 days, I have listened through it at least 8 times. The songs are excellent and she sings it in true Reba fashion, even at 61 years of age.

I prefer CD’s, so I bought the real thing. But it’s also been released on iTunes and VINYL. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album on Spotify, then go buy it. Or skip Spotify all together, and just buy the album. You’ll be REALLY glad you did.


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