Wins & Losses (January 22-28)

Wins & Losses


  • We took our maternity photo shoot in our home last Sunday afternoon. We had such fun taking the pictures and have already seen two of them. We can’t wait to see more! Thanks to the in-laws for the gift!
  • On Saturday morning, we spent several hours at FBC Horn Lake hanging out with kids and teen with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We were there mainly as chaperones for students at HLHS, but I ended up partnered with a 13-year old boy named Nate. We had such a great time!
  • Later on that afternoon, we saw the matinee show of The BodyGuard: The Musical. I was not familiar with the show and only knew that Whitney Houston had something to do with it. I LOVED IT. It was such a well-put together show.


  • This week was LONG. I thought it would never end, and Friday seemed to just craaaaawwwwllllll the whole week. I hope that doesn’t happen again for a while.
  • On Friday morning, a very dear friend of mine passed away peacefully at her home. Dr. Michelle Cronk was the FBC Memphis organist for over 20 years, a part of the piano-djembe duo with me (#UUsummermusiccamp), and a sweet encouragement to all. She succumbed to cancer after it returned in September of last year. Her daughters are students at Union and friends of ours as well.

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