Wins & Losses (January 15-21)

Wins & Losses


  • Vivian Waycaster and the ladies of our church threw Becca a shower last Sunday. We were so blessed by all the gifts we were given and are so grateful for the presence of these people in our lives.
  • The day off last week gave us some great time to be productive around the house. Becca’s family and grandparents were there to help us out, and we are so grateful. We were able to really work a lot in Reagan’s room to get it ready. Just a few more things to do before it’s done and she’s here!
  • Donald Trump was finally sworn in as president. Praise God that’s over.


  • Despite the day off on Monday, last week was just LONG! The day-to-day process of getting up, going to work, enduring the day, and coming home was more tedious that I had expected. Here’s to hoping this full week proves easier!
  • It just makes me sad to see division in our country every day. No matter what happens, someone is always upset and they make sure everyone knows about it. I miss civility.

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