Sunday Song 1.22.17

For those of us that grew up in the local church, I’m sure most of us on more than one occasion thumbed through the church hymnals looking at the titles of hymns. We may have uttered these phrases while thumbing:

  • “This one’s my favorite!”
  • “Can we sing this one PLEASE?”
  • “Why is there a song about Pentecostal power in the Baptist Hymnal?”
  • “I’ve never heard of that one before. I’m gonna request it tonight!”

Such is the case for me on today’s Sunday Song. We’re singing a great hymn of the faith, “For All the Saints.” I’ve seen it in nearly every hymnal I own (close to 30). I sung it a few times at Union, but never in church growing up. The text is very intellectual, reminding us that the Christian faith is more than just about what we “feel.” On this dreary Sunday morning, I hope this great old hymn encourages your spirit!


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