Wins & Losses (January 8-14)

Wins & Losses

Better late than never! Here’s a look at the week that was…


  • Our friend, Jessica, hosted a baby shower for Becca on Sunday afternoon. It was a sweet time for Becca to interact with moms in various stages of life, and to also just have girl time. We were very blessed with the gifts we received from there. Thanks Jessica!
  • President Obama gave his Farewell Address on Tuesday night. As vocal a critic I have been of his policies, I will miss the way he was able to communicate with the common man. He just had a way to make things easy to understand for everyone. He is very gifted in that aspect.
  • Clemson won the National Championship and the Tide was subdued!
  • On Friday, FACS held our annual Nation History Day Program. High school and junior high students designed presentation boards telling of memorable events in history or telling the story of a significant historical figure. The 4th graders dressed up as characters from Tennessee history and gave biographical speeches on them. I was so impressed with everything I saw, and can’t wait until next year!
  • Reagan’s room is finished with paint and most of everything is in its place. Once its COMEPLETELY finished, we’ll share a picture.


  • It’s super-sad when friends can’t get along simply because of political differences, however small they may be.
  • Thursday of last week started with an awful crick in my neck. It lasted for most of the day, but was gone by the time school was out. Next time, I’m scheduling a massage immediately!
  • The first full week of school was a long one. The snow day got me out of my groove. Let’s hope I can actually re-accustom myself to the school year before the end of the month.

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