Wins & Losses (December 11-17)


  • For the first time in thirteen years, I went to see Bellevue’s Singing Christmas Tree. This is a Memphis holiday tradition and has been for the past 41 years. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we were very impressed with the quality of the acting.
  • School wrapped up for the semester and it came not a moment too soon. We are some very tired teachers who needed a break. Exams went by without a hitch and I even found time to assembly a new digital piano for my classroom!
  • The family came in for the weekend and provided some welcome company for me while Becca was in FL. We did some Christmas shopping and just enjoyed the time we had together before they left on Saturday night.
  • I was encouraged by a good friend this week in a time when I needed it most. It makes me grateful for friends in my life who are there in the low times as well as the high.


  • The constantly changing weather this week has been anything but good for my sinuses. Runny noses are friends to no one and I’ve had my fair share of them this week! I don’t mind cold weather at all, but let’s just hope it decides to stay for a little while for the sake of my well-being!

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