Wins & Losses (December 4-10)

Wins & Losses


  • I was so surprised and thrilled to see that my brother published his first article on The Odyssey! I’ve always enjoyed their site and I’m excited for my brother to now be a part of their writing crew.
  • I enjoyed playing for the FACS Christmas Concert on Thursday night. I accompanied all three choirs and played in the piece for combined bands and choirs. It is such a joy to still participate in school music even though I’m not teaching it directly.


  • We had a semi-wonderful visit to Becca’s OB on Friday afternoon. We got to take a look at Baby Brasher (in 3-D!) and she is absolutely beautiful…even though she tried to eat her foot a few times. I can’t wait to meet her. The potential for a scheduled C-section is now a non-factor and we are progressing just swimmingly.
  • Saturday morning found us in the fellowship hall of Collierville FBC. We were asked to come and entertain the Widows/Widowers Ministry there at their annual Christmas dinner. We had an absolute ball hanging out with them and singing with them. It’s always fun to sing with and play for my sweet wife.


  • Despite the good visit to the OB, Becca did fail her 1-hour glucose test. It’s more of an irritation than a problem, as she will go back in a week to take the 3-hour test. We expect her to pass that one.
  • My gift-wrapping skills have suffered in a year’s time. The last three gifts I have wrapped have been one hot mess after the other. Maybe the week before Christmas will see me practice a little more…
  • Miscommunication causes problems for everyone involved. That’s all.

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