Wins & Losses (November 27-December 3)

Wins & Losses


  • Christmas shopping has begun and is moving along smoother than I expected. Finding gifts for loved ones seems to be a bit easier than in years past, and we’re happy we aren’t waiting until the Christmas break to take care of that. More time to rest!
  • We enjoyed a dinner with church friends last Tuesday evening. Taco salad and pumpkin pie were on the menu and wonderful conversation filled the room as we ate. We are continually grateful for our great church family.
  • Cold air has arrived! Living in the south, cold air in the winter time is an unexpected occurrence. Christmas just isn’t the same over 50 degrees. So, I was quite happy with 30 and 40 degree weather for most of the week.
  • We spent Friday and Saturday in Nashville with many friends. Friday evening found us at the home of the Filipeks in Nolensville. Allie Filipek was Becca’s MOH and best friend from high school whose family is like a second family to Becca. I have come to love them just as much and always look forward to time with them. Saturday saw us at the wedding of our dear college friend Shannon where we got to reunite with other college friends. It was a weekend filled with joy, laughter, and all-around fun.


  • I have really, REALLY got to learn to start saying “no” to instances that happen to occur during my small amounts of free time. As much as I love playing for people, choirs, theatrical performances, and the like, I am learning with each time that I absolutely must tone it down with how much time I commit to playing. I have three more performances this month and then I am DONE.
  • I hate that various misunderstood particulars in Christian doctrine cause so much division in the local church (particularly in the SBC). A seminary president in Texas caused a stir last week due to his comments in chapel on Calvinism (he himself is not reformed). If we would stop being so hostile to Christian doctrine that we don’t understand and take time to actually learn what it means, we would see a lot less division and a lot more of what we need…evangelism and discipleship.*
  • The wildfires in Gatlinburg that have caused so much destruction have been heavy on my heart over the last week. A place I love dearly being burned up was hard to watch and even harder to not do anything about. I’m glad to see so many people and organizations standing up to aid in the relief efforts of the ones devastated by the damage.


*I’ll devote an entire blog post to this issue in the coming weeks.


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