Wins & Losses (October 30-November 5)

Wins & Losses


  • Wednesday was an extra special chapel day as the FACS community gathered to hear from our secondary principal, Dr. Joe Newman. The amount of wisdom that flows from this man cannot be compared to many people I know. I would love to, one day, sit down at a table with him and have him talk for hours while I just listen. I am certain I would become a better human being because of it.
  • Mom and Dad came to visit us this weekend to cash in on their Christmas present from me. Knowing the age of my parents, tickets to an Olivia Newton-John concert seemed like a good idea. We tried out a new restaurant downtown called DejaVu, and it was some of the best Creole food I’ve had in my life. It’s become my new favorite restaurant in Memphis.
  • Several friends from church came over on Saturday afternoon for a housewarming. We were given some sweet gifts and got to enjoy the company in our new home. Becca’s Mimi even made a surprise visit!


  • The last half of the week saw Memphis finally catching up with the times and adjusting its temperatures to fall weather. My allergies and sinuses didn’t take too kindly to the sudden change and I have been a sniffling disaster since Thursday night.
  • Time with Babylove was few and far between last week. With work and concerts and performances and rehearsals and church all over the place, our time together was short. We are certainly looking forward to a full week of days off at Thanksgiving.

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