Wins & Losses (October 23-29)

Wins & LossesWins

  • I learned how to make fried chicken. It was absolutely delicious.
  • At our prenatal appointment on Friday (which went well), I got to feel Baby Brasher move for the very first time. It was a magical moment for me and one that I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to meet you, baby girl.
  • We had a blast this weekend with our church as we hosted several fun events. Friday night found us at a youth Hungry Hungry Hippo tournament. Saturday night was  Movie Night on the Levee, a free event for our community in which we got to interact with neighbors who live around our church building. Sunday night was a movie night just for our church and we brought Knox along with us to give him a break from the backyard of our home. We are continually grateful for the sweet people that make up Leawood East Baptist Church.
  • Saturday was a productive day for the Brasher household as we tackled two rooms in the house that had been somewhat neglected since we moved in. The music room and dining room got cleaned up and organized. It is so refreshing to walk past those rooms and not see a mess anymore [see photo below].



  • Perhaps this just settled in last week, but October seems to be lasting an eternity! With all the stuff that we’ve had going on, surely October should’ve been over with about three weeks ago. Of course, I’m now saying this on the last day of October…BRING ON THANKSGIVING BREAK!
  • The stresses that come with putting on a play are kicking into high gear. This week sees me putting the set together and having the students bring in their costumes. I still have to make and print programs and figure out how to work those lights. I’m growing weary and although I’m excited to see the show come to life again, I will be happy to drop the curtain next Friday night.

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