The Case for Evan McMullin


It is very rare for a candidate who has only been running for two months to make any kind of headway in any kind of election…especially a presidential election. But one candidate is doing just that in his home state of Utah.

He has quite an interesting strategy. His plan is to win his home state of Utah. By doing this, the magic number of 270 electoral votes would be held from either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. If this were the case, the election would go to the House of Representatives (decisively Republican right now) and either Donald Trump or Evan McMullin would become the president. This is due to the fact that he was employed with the CIA working on counterterrorism before he was a senior adviser on a major House committee from 2013-2016. At the moment, he is only 4 points behind the major candidates according to a number of polls. Long shot? Probably. Strategic? Quite.

I will be voting for Evan in November. This is the only candidate (literally, the only one) for which I don’t feel uncomfortable casting a vote. He has obtained ballot access in most states with write-in access in others (Tennessee is write-in). I am encouraging any voters who are completely uncomfortable with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Gary Johnson to consider voting for Evan. This is a case in which my moral convictions wouldn’t be at odds with the candidate I prefer for president. Please consider Evan at the box.

And for heaven’s sake, please don’t flood the comments section with those annoying “a no-vote for [candidate] is a yes-vote for [candidate] and [candidate’s] agenda” defenses. Seriously, everyone is tired of those comments. It’s comments like those that put us in the crap situation we are in right now. Don’t vote your conscience because your conscience is sinful. Don’t vote for a sub-par candidate to keep another sub-par candidate from winning. That is a stupid strategy. Vote for the candidate who will do the best job.



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