Wins & Losses (September 25-October 1)

Wins & Losses


  • We celebrated Becca’s 22nd birthday on Sunday. We’ve both realized that as we get older, celebrations don’t mean as much and gifts are not that important. Nevertheless, she received a very comfortable Tennessee Vols jacket and tickets to an All Sons & Daughters concert in November.
  • If you haven’t heard by now, we will be welcoming a little girl into our lives next March. We got to see her on Friday afternoon and I was absolutely amazed while watching her move on the ultrasound monitor. This was the first ultrasound I had seen and it was beautiful. We told our parents on Friday evening and lots of joys were present. I can’t wait to meet Reagan Elizabeth next spring.
  • WE ARE MOVED IN! Last Saturday was a full day starting at 8:00, but by about 5:00, everything was at least in the house and we started the unpacking process. We had some incredible help from our families and our small group (I’m telling you: it pays to have friends that work/have worked for FedEx and Two Men & a Truck). Divide and conquer was our strategy and it was one that worked. It was a beautiful thing to turn in those apartment keys.
  • The Tennessee Vols game. That is all.


  • If there was one thing I learned in pre-marital counseling and life in general, it’s that every marriage will have its missteps. I had a big one last Thursday; one that really took its toll on my emotions and my self-esteem as a man and a husband. It was one of those “I should have seen it coming” moments. There is nothing wrong with learning lessons (and learning them early), but it never makes it easier when the lesson is in the process of being learned. Thankfully, I have an incredibly encouraging wife who kept her cool and reminded me that one mistake doesn’t define a person.
  • As happy as I am about moving in, my muscles suffered because of it. With all the furniture moving and climbing we did on Saturday, I could use a good hot tub or body massage. Maybe it’s time for a “treat yo’self” day…

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