Last Night in the Apartment

I’ve been taking carload after carload over to our new house to get as many small things in the house as possible before Saturday. It’s amazing that after a long day at work I still have plenty of energy left to make a few trips a night in order to get things actually IN the house.

Simba has done his part to “help” us out along the way…


After we picked up our lawnmower on the 17th, I mowed the yard the following week. Even though I’m used to a 0-turn riding mower, it felt good to work to mow MY yard. And the lawnmower was only $100, so we definitely got a win out of that one.

On Tuesday night, we moved all of our clothes into the closets. Becca and her short self didn’t realize how high up the hanging bars were, so she was in for quite a surprise when she went to hang up her clothes. We also got our new Christmas tree delivered Tuesday afternoon (which I found on sale at for $99).

Wednesday night was our last night in the apartment. We had merely the clothes we needed for work today left in our closets and any other necessities needed for a morning. However, Simba decided that he should celebrate the final night in another way…


I accidentally shut him in the pantry yesterday morning before I left. Simba is a sneaky cat and is always curious when open doors are around him. I’ve shut him in my closet all day before (you can imagine what he left for me), but this was significantly funnier. When you’re stuck for 13 hours in a pantry full of food, you do what you got to do.

Tonight marks our first night in our new home and we are beyond thrilled. There’s still plenty of things to move over, but at least we will be there!



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