Wins & Losses (September 18-26)

Wins & Losses


  • We have begun moving our possessions into the new house. The hope is to move it, unpack it, and use the box again. This is faring well for the kitchen items, but not as much with everything else. Only three more nights in our apartment!
  • Rehearsals have begun for the fall one-act play here at FACS. We’ve completed our read-through and blocking rehearsals come next. I’m realizing more and more how good of a decision it was to limit myself to a one-act in my first year as a theatre teacher.
  • When co-workers and their spouses do sweet things like provide lunch for teachers, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s happened twice already this year and I cried when it happened last week.


  • As much as I want to move into our new house, the will power to actually move the stuff is rather unappealing after a full day’s work. You would think two people wouldn’t have that much stuff to move (and honestly, we don’t). After teaching and rehearsing, I really would love to relax at home. But alas, this stuff won’t move itself.
  • Contacts that don’t respond to emails within 24 hours have become a pet peeve of mine. Perhaps this is because I worked at a super high-tech school last year in which everyone communicated through email and did it well. Co-workers at school are not bad at all. But when I’m dealing with some personal business, I expect a reply…and a quick one at that. With all the technology platforms in which we can access our email these days, there are hardly any excuses.

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