Wins & Losses (September 11-17)

Wins & Losses


  • The homebuying process finally came to a close last Friday when we closed on our house. We were blessed to get to close a week early so we could begin moving things in. We are so happy to now have a house to call our own.
  • Buying a house always means having to buy things in order to maintain a house. A friend of our’s was selling a like-new push-mower for $100 and we were able to score that sweet deal and pick it up over the weekend. I’ll miss a zero-turn for sure, but I’ll take a good push-mower for that price any day.
  • Auditions for Contagious went very well last week. I was able to select my cast and we have our first meeting today (9/19). I now understand what directors meant when they say that auditions and casting are such difficult decisions.
  • Tennessee remains undefeated after Saturday’s win over Ohio. I’m a little nervous for the weeks ahead, but 3-0 is all that matters right now. #GoVols
  • Louisville put a slaughtering on FSU last Saturday. I was completely surprised at how much they beat them and was happy to see UofL rise to the Top 5 after that win. #GoCards
  • Friday was a half-day at FACS due to parent-teacher conferences. I only had two conferences and they happened the night before, so that half-day was well-enjoyed.


  • Packing for a move is never fun. Granted, it is a little more enjoyable knowing where our stuff is going this time around. However, our house is now in a continual state of disarray and chaos for the next two weeks. The walls are even more bland than they were now that all our pictures and decorative items have been taken down and packed up.
  • This past week was the first long week that I have endured since being hired at FACS. I knew it would happen eventually, but it’s a shame that it happened when Friday was half as long as it normally is.
  • Babylove and I went to see Dirty Dancing at the Orpheum on Saturday afternoon (season tickets were gifts to us from her folks). Unfortunately, the show was not all that great. It is difficult to turn a movie into a play/musical. The show itself was rather immoral (DUH) and it just wasn’t my type of show. On the flip side, I’m excited to see Annie in December with my mama!

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