Wins & Losses (August 28-September 3)

Wins & Losses


  • I was finally able to make the FACS spring musical public this week when I announced that we would be performing Schoolhouse Rock LIVE! in April of next year. Once again, another load off the shoulders.
  • I scheduled auditions for our fall one-act last week and I already have audition selections copied and stapled. Once that audition form is complete, we’ll be ready to go next week.
  • I got to witness a baptism in a backyard pool on Saturday, performed by my father-in-law. The story behind it was so sweet and the entire process was beautiful.
  • Tennessee football is back. Hallelujah.
  • Louisville football is back. Hallelujah.
  • Becca and I were able to go to our first FACS Crusaders football game on Friday night. We didn’t win, but we had a marvelous time.
  • Our appraisal came back last week on our new house and thank goodness, it came back higher than we are paying for it! God is good.


  • Tennessee played terribly on Thursday night. While 1-0 is the only stat that matters, nearly losing a game to App State was almost too much to handle.
  • Waiting to move into our house is still a struggle. It takes everything in me not to pack up things around our house, forgetting that we won’t move in until the first of October.

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