Wins & Losses (August 14-20)

Wins & Losses


  • ‘Twas a mighty fine feeling to finally share our news with the world. Making Becca’s pregnancy public was a load off the shoulders and something we’ve been itching to tell for so long. Thank you to all who have sent us love and sweet congratulations. We’re so blessed.
  • In the midst of our season of change, we needed to make another change: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We completed the contract on Sunday (8/14), and have hit the road to closing. Inspections are complete and we are moving right along. We were blessed to find a good-sized house for our growing family at an incredible price. The house is also near where we live now. Once we close on it (September 23rd), we’ll post pictures. Promise.
  • Our young couples’ LifeGroup last week got moved to Faith Baptist-Bartlett where we all gathered for a Travis Cottrell worship concert. Travis is the worship pastor of the church I attended while in college. He loves the Lord deeply and knows so well how to craft a worship service together. It was a joy to worship with him leading again.
  • I survived my first week at my new school. Surprisingly, I never felt unprepared. The classes that I teach went on without a hitch. I’d forgotten how crazy 8th graders can be, but most of the time, their craziness turns into fun. that’s good when they’re in a theatre class.
  • On Saturday, I played for Babylove’s choir retreat at her school (SSAA choir). This was the first time I had met any of her students and they, me. The choir sounded great and I very much enjoyed playing for them. They are also just a fun group of kids who seem to enjoy what they do.


  • Babylove didn’t feel well in the latter half of the week (sinuses). Couple that with a full-day choir retreat and it takes its tole on a body. Today, she is feeling better, so let’s hope it doesn’t return.
  • 8th graders are crazy. ‘Nuff said.
  • Scheduling shows is a difficult task, especially in a school setting. Figuring out when the performance space is available along with making sure I don’t interfere with an important event is bad enough. And all of this has to be figured out before I get the show because Music Theatre International (MTI) has to know show dates in order to get the license/rights. Therefore, I can’t announce what show we are doing yet. The struggle is real.

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